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1st gen Tacoma OG Tactical molle rack

$195.00 $175.00

Instructions below

The OG molle rack is made out of steel.  This allows you to mount magnetic gear like lights, pressure gauges etc.  It also holds molle bags, rifles,  bows, your wifes makeup kit , wipies, baby bottled etc.

The panel comes flat. This helps protect it from the UPS wrestling team, they get damaged if the tabs are already bent.  There are tabs on the front and back which you bend about 40 degrees , these add ridgidness. Next  bend the "wings" as needed till it fits the roof contour,  use the supplied bolts to secure it.  Look for parachord handles if you want your handles back as you cant reuse yours.  Its a 5-10 min install.  If it takes you more than 15 then you'll need more lego trailing.