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05-22 Frontier Overhead Molle Rack

$250.00 $190.00

Please select according to your generation.  The 3rd gen (2022) is the new body style and has welded reinforcements in the panel . None of the gens are for sunroof models. 

The The OG overhead molle rack is great for holding gear such as recover straps, molle pouches, rifles etc. It is pretty strong and is welded with steel cross beams across the back.  It can also hold a Milwaukee Packout case if you use our low profile packout holder in our tactical section.  It can also hold an AR-15 if you use our magazine mount in the tactical section.

The panel comes straight, youll need to bend the ends 45 degree.  If you use longer bolts you can reuse your handles, on the 2022, you can reuse your handles using the existing hardware.

All that is required is a 10mm socket and a flat head screwdriver to remove the caps on the handles to access the bolts.

Panel comes with a bed liner coating.

Take a piece of paper and print what ever color you like and tape it behind the letters if you ordered a non plain panel.  It will pop the letters out.

Shown is a pro4x with white paper taped behind. Not for acces cab or sunroof models. See other item for access cab.