We are a one person 2 dog PART TIME operation,PLEASE allow 2-10 weeks to get the items out.

5th Gen 4Runner headrest Molle Set

$75.00 $65.00

The set comes with 2. 

Rear seat coming soon.

The OG Headrest Molle is perfect for those items you use often which you dont want to be digging for in the cargo area.  This is a perfect spot for carrying baby items such as wipies etc.  Perfect spot for first aid and tools etc.

The item comes flat to help on shipping and handling. You will need to bend the tabs by using the edge of a table or by using large pliers to bend them at a 90 degree.

Like all of our items, these are made to order.  Give us a bit to get them out to you, we are  a small part time shop.