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5th Gen 4Runner Overhead Molle /Milwaukee Packout rack

$225.00 $195.00

Another OG Fab original design!  

The OG Molle / packout rack allows you to take your waterproof Milwaukee Packout cases with you and secure them on the rack. You can double stack the packouts too!

It does not obstruct your view when mounted(with one packout deep).  It also has molle holes to hold your molle bags.  It can also hold rifles via our magazine mounts sold

in are tactical sections.

This rack works with or with out side wall panels.

The install panel, remove the J hooks with a 10MM socket.  

Take the panel and bend the long tabs at a 45degree with some pliers and a rag, this will make the panel rigid. Bend the tabs at the ends with your palms till they

match the curvature of the wall then insert bolts.  Should take less than 15min to install.