We are a one person 2 dog PART TIME operation,PLEASE allow 2-10 weeks to get the items out.

OG 4runner Tie Downs for OEM rack

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These tie downs are for the 4th and 5th Gen 4Runner. 

Many of us have cross bars that we use to carry our Kayaks , gear etc.  None of these cross bars come with a dedicated fix point to secure your ratcheting straps.  This allows you to have a dedicated hard point for securing your gear. 

The items also work as a fence preventing some of your gear from sliding over the side.  We recommend using 6 if you plan on using it as a fence.  Order 5 and we will toss in an extra one for free.

You can install these with out having to take out the  end caps on the OEM rack.

You will get a heavy duty 1/8" thick tie down and the required hardware.