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OG 4th Gen 4Runner Trail Vents

$175.00 $165.00


The OG Trail vents is an excellent choice for those who sleep in their trucks.  The vent have an aluminum back screen which keeps out most bugs and mosquitoes.  It reduces that oven effect you get when you open your door in the dead heat.  It also kills that pulsing sound you get when you lower your back windows.

I can make the panel with custom letters, art etc with in reason, as long as its not to crazy in detail i may be able to do it. Message me first.

The panel consists of multiple panels which are sanded painted then rivited together.  If you want to change the colors of the letters, art etc, you can drill out the rivets.  A rivet gun set is less than $15 at harbor freight including 1/8" rivets.

To install, lower your window, rotate vent and slide into the track.  Raise glass slowly till it secures the vent. For a tight seal to the glass, you can install door edge trip. That trip which prevents the door from getting chipped when you open it.  $3 at pepboys.