We are a one person 2 dog PART TIME operation,PLEASE allow 2-10 weeks to get the items out.

OG Overhead Molle Panel 2gen Tundra Crew Max


All Items Made To Order.  This fits only the 2gen Cewmax doors which have overhead handles as well as handles behind drives seat.  If you have a Dual Cab (smaller doors , longer bed) look for it in the tundra section.  2007 to 2018.  Not for sunroof models

The OG Ceiling Molle board was designed to make space of the ceiling.  The board can hold standard MOLLE bags, magnetic  flashlights, knives, tape measures and other tools.   You can also mount your fishing poles or rifles. 

The unit comes with a bedliner coating and hardware.  The original handle will no longer be used but you can search for parachord handles on amazon and get a nice tactical set. 

Install Video: