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OG Tacoma bed sidewall molle rack

$125.00 $125.00

The OG bed sidewall panel was designed with a low profile fit in mind to give you a clean OEM look.  The panel is made from uv stable thermoplastic vs metal so it won't rust, dent or need any paint. It also takes 3 times as long to machine vs out steel panels. If you prefer a steel setup feel free to contact me.

The panel sits flushed against the wall.  Simply pull on it and weave your molle bags. You can drill into it as needed.

To install,  remove factory rails. Place rail over the panels machined side and transfer the  holes over.  Install panel and rails 

The panels come in black.  If you decide to paint, lay flat vs vertical so the paint does not run. The texture does an excellent job holding the paint. Any good Rustoleum paint for plastic will work well.

Pictured is rustoleum camo sand color.