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OG Tundra rear center console molle 2/3 gen

$100.00 $89.00

Verify that the back of the center console above looks like yours prior to ordering.

The OG rear center console panel allows you to utilize the large space behind the center console. Its ideal for mounting cel phones, flashlights etc.

Unlike most of our panels, this one is made from ABS so that it can take the curvature the center console, it has a nice texture on it and no paint to scratch off.

To install:

Place panel against console.  With a sharpie transfer the holes over the the plastic . Use a 1/8' bit and drill holes.  Go easy as to not to penetrate into the compartment.

Force the screws in all the holes creating threads, once all the holes are done, install the panel with the spacers.  It should be a 5-10min install.

Dont over tighten the screws or the threads will strip out.